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Vaping Tool Kit

5 Things to Know About Vaping

According to experts, vaping is a problem that parents do not get schooled on, which often leads to the wrong perceptions. The Detroit Free Press recently published a free article covering the 5 most important things parents should know about vaping.

Vaping Facts & Myths

Vaping Facts & Myths

Featured News and Info: The Truth About…

Vaping Now an Epidemic Among High Schoolers

Read the alarming CNN report here.

Juulers Against Juul

Warnings Against Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana Usage in West Bloomfield

Splash reporter Sheena Monnin attended a panel at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital where both local and state leaders gathered together to discuss the side effects of using marijuana.

Drive and Ride Sober

Drunk Driving Car

Special thanks to A&M Service Center for providing the car!

Michigan Underage Drinking – Do Your Part

Keeping Watch: Heroin in Our Community

Learn more at http://civiccentertv.com/keepingwatch/

Oakland Community Health Network

Federal, State, and/or County funding has been provided through Oakland Community Health Network Substance Use Disorder Services to support project costs.